Monday, June 10, 2024


A group of House of Representatives members, known as 'Reform Minded Lawmakers', are advocating for significant electoral reforms, including establishing a single six-year term for Presidents and Governors. These proposals are part of several bills currently under consideration by the House.

During a news briefing in Abuja on Monday, Rep. Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere highlighted that constitutional and electoral reform has been a pressing issue in Nigeria since its independence from Britain in 1960, often contributing to unrest and exacerbating religious and ethnic tensions.

"We are a group of Reform Minded Lawmakers committed to using the instrument of lawmaking to reform Nigeria and our political process," Ugochinyere stated. "Our current political arrangement has identifiable distortions, defects, and limitations that require urgent, focused, and realistic attention, hence this initiative on political and electoral reform."

He emphasized that Nigeria's history reflects missed opportunities and difficult times. As part of their commitment, the group is presenting several bills to the public and the 10th Assembly, starting with the unveiling of six of them, with more to follow in the coming weeks.

Key proposals include:

- A constitutional amendment to provide for the rotation of executive powers among the six geopolitical zones, ensuring equal representation and reducing the agitation for state creation.

- An amendment recognizing Nigeria's division into six geopolitical zones.

- Establishing a single six-year term for the President and Governors to reduce government spending, increase efficiency, and enhance national stability.

- Creating two vice-presidential offices, one for succession and another focusing on the economy, with both vice presidents serving as ministers.

- A constitutional amendment requiring the President and the 1st Vice President to be from the same region (north or south), with the 1st Vice President assuming the presidency if the President is incapacitated.

- Ensuring financial autonomy and accountability for Local Government Councils by establishing an independent Consolidated Local Government Council Account and prescribing long-term imprisonment for the misuse of local government funds.

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