Monday, June 10, 2024


Labour has dismissed the proposed minimum wages of ₦62,000 and ₦100,000 as inadequate, indicating a potential resumption of their strike if their demands are not met. 

The NLC and TUC will reconvene to decide on the strike's resumption if the Federal Government and National Assembly do not address Labour's demand for a ₦250,000 minimum wage by Tuesday. This was stated by Chris Onyeka, Assistant General Secretary of the NLC, on Channels Television’s The Morning Brief show on Monday.

Onyeka emphasized that it is now up to the Federal Government and National Assembly to act. "Our demand is clear. The government needs to send an Executive Bill to the National Assembly, and the Assembly must consider our demand and enact a National Minimum Act that meets our requirements. We have given the government a one-week notice, which expires tomorrow (Tuesday). If there is no tangible response, the organs of Organised Labour will meet to decide the next steps."

He reiterated that the nationwide strike was only temporarily halted. "We paused the indefinite strike. If our governing bodies decide to remove that pause, we will resume the strike."

Onyeka also clarified that Labour never considered accepting the proposed wages of ₦62,000 or ₦100,000, which they believe are insufficient. "We are firm at ₦250,000, which we see as a reasonable concession given the realities of the market and everyday expenses such as rice, yam, and garri."

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