Monday, October 30, 2023


Title: "Atiku Abubakar's Press Conference Addressing the Presidential Election Petition Judgement"

Distinguished Members of the Press,

Today marks a critical moment in Nigeria's democracy, as we gather in the aftermath of the Supreme Court's judgement on the presidential election petition. As a stakeholder deeply committed to Nigeria's well-being, I am compelled to express concerns that transcend my personal ambitions.

The heart of this matter isn't about an individual's victory or defeat, but about the fate of our nation. The Supreme Court's decision is far-reaching, potentially legitimizing electoral malpractices like forgery, identity theft, and perjury. If our highest court sanctions such actions, it imperils our country's future, surpassing any singular election outcome.

Throughout my political journey, I've consistently chosen the arduous path of truth, democracy, and the rule of law. My aim has been to ensure a Nigeria governed by these principles. Even in the face of personal sacrifices, I've stood for what's right, challenging injustices within our system.

The recent election ordeal exposed disconcerting flaws, from electoral irregularities to legal discrepancies. We presented concrete evidence of wrongdoing, including the submission of forged documents by a candidate. Regrettably, the court's decision raises troubling questions and demonstrates a crisis within our judiciary.

The erosion of trust in our electoral system is a severe consequence, jeopardizing the essence of democracy. With the courts seemingly affirming the lack of transparency in our elections, the will of the people is undermined. Worse yet, it insinuates that contestants must resort to identity theft, forgeries, and manipulation to secure victory, disregarding the law.

This judicial setback doesn’t mark the end; it's a call to action. I urge for constitutional amendments to fortify our electoral process, ensuring transparency and fairness. Electronic voting, concluding litigations before inauguration, a run-off if no clear winner emerges, and stringent scrutiny of candidates' credentials are paramount.

Our judiciary also requires reform to guarantee fair judgment without bias. Judges must prioritize affirming voters' choices, not technicalities. Transparency in their appointments and annual performance evaluations are crucial steps toward restoring confidence in our judicial system.

The fate of our nation rests in the hands of Nigerians. The younger generation, especially, holds the future of this country. We must collaborate to reshape Nigeria, safeguarding democracy, and striving for a fair and just society.

In closing, I urge you to consider these proposals seriously. Let us work together to safeguard the essence of democracy and uphold the rule of law in Nigeria.

Thank you for your attention, and may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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