Saturday, July 22, 2023


Peter Obi expressed his heartfelt congratulations to Professor David Mba on his recent appointment as the Vice-Chancellor of Birmingham City University. The appointment is set to commence in October, and it marks a significant achievement for Prof. Mba, who hails from Nigeria.

Throughout his career, Prof. Mba has played active roles in various prestigious academic institutions within the United Kingdom. His journey to this prominent position serves as a powerful testament to the intellectual potential that Nigerians possess. This achievement highlights the importance of investing in and prioritizing the educational sector.

Prof. Mba's success on the global stage can be attributed to the quality education he received at different stages of his life. Peter Obi emphasizes that education is the foundation for nurturing responsible and accomplished citizens in any nation.

In conclusion, Peter Obi extends his best wishes to Prof. David Mba in his new role as Vice-Chancellor and encourages him to find avenues to contribute to the development of Nigeria, their beloved nation, in its quest to build a brighter future.

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