Thursday, June 15, 2023


Soon, the world will finally understand why Peter Obi, also known as the Lion, has remained calm all this time. The events that unfolded in court today left everyone astounded.

Picture a convoy of trucks carrying sand, except this time it was the Labour Party lawyers transporting evidence to the courtroom. The sheer volume and weight of the evidence presented by the esteemed SAN Ikpeazu on behalf of the Labour Party left the lawyers representing INEC dumbfounded. Their expressions betrayed their shock and disbelief as the evidence documents seemed to overflow.

As SAN Ikpeazu meticulously unloaded truck after truck filled with evidence, a broad smile adorned his face. Even the APC lawyers found themselves at a loss for words, their astonishment evident.

The judges themselves couldn't help but burst into laughter. The courtroom echoed with amusement as everyone wondered what kind of documents or evidence could be so extensive. In fact, it seemed as if the amalgamation of four major libraries was condensed into these materials. Astonishingly, it was revealed that Peter Obi had engaged a professor of mathematics to conduct a comprehensive data analysis of the entire election just five days before it took place.

This unexpected witness, armed with irrefutable evidence, caught the INEC/APC/TIN/SHET lawyers off guard, leaving them in a state of disarray and confusion.

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