Monday, May 22, 2023


The cycle of karma is inevitable. It is unwise to underestimate the power of the divine. It is disheartening to witness the unfortunate situation surrounding Ike Ekweremadu. 

The news has left me utterly speechless. It begs the question: could this truly be a reality? I find myself genuinely perplexed by this turn of events. What is occurring within humanity? No one can defy the will of a higher power. 

While organ harvesting is a grave offense in numerous countries worldwide, certain politicians, entrusted with safeguarding their fellow citizens, were occupied with striking dubious deals to promote this abhorrent practice. 

May blessings be bestowed upon the individual who unwaveringly opposed such actions on behalf of Catholic private hospitals and other private medical institutions. 

I implore you to watch the accompanying video for further insight.

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