Sunday, May 21, 2023


Alhaji Mahdi Shehu is a renowned business mogul and the CEO/Chairman of Dialogue Group of Companies. He said:

YOUR FAILED WITH DISTINCTION: During your tenure of eight years, your administration was marred by notable failures. Nepotism reached unprecedented heights, as you displayed visible favoritism in combating corruption. The economy, the political landscape, and social harmony were all ravaged under your leadership. Instead of uniting us, you left us more divided than when you assumed office, jeopardizing our future in the process.

Your reckless and malicious borrowing practices further exacerbated the situation. The casualties of your policies were immense, with a staggering death toll of 64,000. Businesses across all sectors suffered irreparable damage, and a staggering 134 million people were unnecessarily plunged into poverty. Corruption thrived under your watch, becoming an ingrained and celebrated institution. What's worse, you remain oblivious to these failures, living in a state of denial. Your legacy is one of abject failure.

History will remember you kindly for speaking out during a time when many were swayed and blinded. Professor Dimeji O once stated that in 2015, he penned a series of articles cautioning Nigerians, but the country insisted on embracing Buhari. Sadly, Baba's tenure only served to dismantle Nigeria's fragile unity and economy. Buhari's excessive spending on security measures resulted in the loss of approximately 64,000 Nigerian lives, despite the substantial financial resources allocated to this cause.

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