Tuesday, December 28, 2021


A well known political activist in Nigeria, has advised fellow Nigerians to minimise the rate at which they save money in the bank. His advise was based on steady devaluation of naira by the present political government headed by President Buhari. Read his words... 

In January 2021, the Nigerian Naira was ₦357 to $1. Today, it is ₦570 to $1. So, if you were saving money in banks, you were actually losing money each month. In 2022, find a way to immediately change every Naira you earn to dollar. Because, the Naira won’t go up in value until Buhari goes down from power! 

Nigeria’s debt has already increased from ₦12 trillion in 2015, to ₦40 trillion today. And The Buhari government has just announced plans to borrow an additional ₦12 trillion in 2022. With this type of debt overhang, the Naira can’t go up even if Buhari gives it viagra!

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