Sunday, June 23, 2019


A young man took to his Facebook page to narrate how he was brutalized and sustained a deep cut on his head by a Nigerian police man identified as Nelson with force number 444916 for asking him to move his vehicle because it obstructed the road. 

The incident occurred on Saturday at Owhelogbo Junction  Ozoro, Isoko North in Delta State. 

He is currently receiving treatment at Ozoro General Hospital. 

He wrote:
"The Nigerian Police brutality continued on Nigerians citizens just today again in Owhelogbo Junction, Ozoro, Isoko North,Delta state. they abused, brutalized and assaulted me using the but of their rifles leading to my sustaining deep cuts in my head . I am presently admitted in Ozoro general Hospital. 

The Police team is led by one Nelson whose other name I cannot recall but with the force number 444916. the Mobile Police Personnel attached to AGIP before proceeding to the flow station in Isoko South carried out this unjustified abuse on my right as a law abiding citizen. 

The reason for the assault was simply because I asked them to give access to vehicular movement that their own vehicles were obstructing. 

I have made a formal complaint to the Ozoro Division of police for investigation."

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