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"In his journal of 1854, the venerable Samuel Crowther, a freed Negroid slave who participated in the British exploration of River Niger, chronicled how the Fulani terrorised, enslaved, and depopulated some indigenous Negroid communities in Northern Nigeria.

The strategy of conquest was and is still the same today. According to Crowther, the Fulani invariably enter a community “by treachery and pretence, professing friendship” but when a sufficient number of them had got in, they will “commence seizing the inhabitants and scarcely gave them time to make resistance.”

And so it came to pass that when the Fulani migrated to Western Sudan (Hausa land) from Futa Jallon area in present day Guinea in the 15th century, the Hausas and other indigenous tribes allowed them to integrate into their various communities. 

And once the Fulani had gathered sufficient number of their kith and kin, their leader, Shehu Usuman Dan Fadio, started to accuse the Hausa kings of being corrupt, of enriching themselves, of overtaxing the people, forcing them into military service, and generally running tyrannical governments.

Consequently, Usuman Dan Fodio, who presented himself as a pious man, a man of outstanding piety, a vicar of Allah on earth, pledged through his revolutionary preaching, that once he mounted the saddle, only holy men, irrespective of tribes and tongues, will be allowed to steer the affairs of state in order to build paradise in Hausa land.

Well, as it turned out, the Hausas and other indigenous Negroes in the present day Northwest, ever so naive, joined the rampaging Fulani jihadists to maim and murder the Hausa kings and their supporters and chased them away from their palaces.  

But instead of selecting “holy men” including the Hausas to run the new government after the jihad, Shehu Usuman Dan Fodio imposed Fulani warriors as Emirs and they took over all the palaces of Hausa kings and thereafter instituted the most wicked government in human history as they began raiding, killing and selling indigenous Negroes as slaves to their Arab cousins and Europeans.  

As we write, the Fulani oligarchy and a handful of their Negroid collaborators have turned millions of indigenous Negroes in the Northwest into beggars and “almajiris”. 

Indeed, in his Report for 1902, Lord Lugard informed the British Government that: “the system of Fulani rule was a feudal one, in which the right to all land was vested in the Emir.” The Fulani also imposed arbitrary and obnoxious double taxation on those they regarded as “conquered pagans.”

"They raid for nothing, raped women, and if a town demurred to such treatment, it was reported to the Emir as rebellious and raided”.  In view of the above, Lord Lugard stated: “The misrule of the Fulani had rendered them hateful to the bulk of the population, who would welcome their overthrow and I can myself see no injustice in the transfer of the suzerainty thus acquired to the British Government by the same right of conquest.”

Now, 215 years after the first jihad, Muhammadu Buhari, who sees himself as the 21st century reincarnation of Shehu Usuman Dan Fodio, is adopting the same tactics of accusing indigenous Negroes of being corrupt while simultaneously placing his Fulani racial group (the holy men and women) into choice political offices to be amassing wealth to the disadvantage of other tribes.

It is instructive to recall that in 2001, Buhari vowed at a seminar in Kaduna thus: “I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria. God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country.”

Incidentally, for Buhari to implement Sharia laws in all parts of Nigeria, the Fulani must first and foremost take over such communities and also control the state instruments of coercion with which to intimidate, humiliate, and conquer other ethnic groups in Nigeria as we have seen under Buhari. 

This perhaps explains the onslaught on communities in the Middle Belt especially in Benue state where the Fulani herdsmen have displaced thousands of indigenous Negroes who now live in Refugee Camps.  Over time, if the International Community remains aloof to the plight of Middle Belt people in Nigeria, the Fulani will begin to install Emirs in such towns with the ultimate objective of establishing Sharia laws in such areas in fulfilment of Buhari’s 2001 averment.

Yet, even though, Buhari’s invidious agenda is glaring for the blind to see, the gullible  Negroid multitude, like their forefathers who were conquered by the Fulani during the first jihad, are still rejoicing that the Sharia crusader, Muhammadu Buhari, like his great grandfather, Shehu Usuman Dan Fadio, posing as a man of piety who Allah has ordained to superintend over their affairs, is their present day redeemer!!

But we must warn that the Fulani military wing masquerading as herdsmen are currently lying low waiting patiently for millions of naive Negroes to troop to the poll to re-elect Buhari as President.  

And once that happens, the Fulani militia in furtherance of the second jihad will not only intensify the occupation of Middle Belt but also invade the South while in particular Operation Python Dance and Operation Crocodile Tears will equally overran the South-East and South-South respectively in final subjugation of Ndigbo and Niger Delta people.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.  Those who have ears to hear, let them hear. Negroes Ronu!!"

(The author of this piece, Masha, is a journalist and former Editor of Nigeria Historical Review).

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