Sunday, June 16, 2019


The Kogi State gubernatorial, Governor Bello Yahaya has assured himself that he will come back as the governor after the November 16, election. 

He said, 
“I am the governor today and Insha Allah, l will return back as the governor for another four years, after the November 16 election. 

“As for the ticket, the analogy is that the tenant cannot send the landlord out of his house. So, APC in Kogi state was rebuilt by me, after the good job done by our late leader, His Excellency, Prince Abubakar Audu. 

“After his demise, l came, rebuilt it from the scratch to what it is today. That is evident in the last outing of the party where we had 25/25, in the state House of Assembly. 

“We also won 7 out of the 9 contested positions in the House of Representatives and two out of the three Senators representing Kogi state in the Senate. 

“So, anybody that is making such noise, does not disturb me, because, in the market place, noise is allowed. 

“But surely, l am very good with my party from the local government to the national level. 
They know that l am the leader of the party in my state. I have built it and it is very strong. 
Anytime, any day, we will win elections in landslide, such that whoever comes far second, will be discouraged to go to court.”

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