Sunday, June 16, 2019


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Chairman professor Yakubu Mahmoud has denied that the following did not take place during 2019 Presidential election at Tribunal. 

1.  Yakubu, you collected Billions of Naira to purchase and upgrade INEC SERVER and related IT equipment, but today INEC lawyers are insisting that these transactions never happened and that INEC has no SERVER.

2.  You allocated Billions of Naira to train and pay E-collection officers in each electoral ward in the country to transmit results to the server and denying knowledge of this exercise.

3.  Yakubu and all INEC officers boasted about their plans to electronically transmit Election Results from the Polling units to the SERVER in their Headquarters.

4.  INEC chairman, spokespersons and public enlightenment officials told Nigerians how their use of Electronic transmission of results will curtail election rigging and a 'paradigm' shift from other election conducted in the past.

5.  Yakubu lectured Nigerians and foreign observers on how the Manual results copied into FORM EC8 A and E will be used by E-Collection officials at the Wards to determine any discrepancies.

Yakubu will tell Nigerians where the information from about 200,000 card readers was stored and how they were able to determine over voting at collation centres?

The truth remains that INEC has SERVER and it was fully and effectively deployed during the presidential election.

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