Saturday, June 29, 2019


A woman shared the photos of how she delivered her baby right inside her sitting room safety today.

She wrote:
"Please help me call this God any name in your dialect. He's indeed a faithful God. Just like that. I thought it was a false alarm, because i wasn't so strong. I woke up my husband and my five years old daughter to rub my waist but my husband suggested we go to the hospital which i concurred. My husband quickly put the car out. Then i decided to seat on a couch, immediately my purse broke. Seeing this, my husband started crying and my daughter taught mummy was dying. Look and behold my baby's head came out as such i can no longer walk. Immediately my daughter went to seek for help. On their arrival they saw me holding my boundle of joy. It was indeed a great experience. Delivering my own baby? Gosh I'm socked with Joy."

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