Saturday, June 29, 2019


Take note of the following instructions in order to be at safe side comes next week. 

1. "Do not report any Fulani herdsmen to police, you know not
who sent them.

2. Simply take deterrent action.

3. Leave no traces behind.

4. Leave the scene of action within minutes. 

5. Monitor every stranger in your midst, trust none. 

6. Disengage every stranger from domestic jobs. 

7. Let every community/ village have warring vigilante group. 

8. Never gather at one place for any discussions, be apart. 

9. Train your yourself for emergencies, never sleep without
protective material. 

10. Obey the instincts of your domestic animals, they alert
you on certain dangers. 

11. Use whistle or metal gong to alert everyone. 

12. Respond swiftly to reduce casualty, but in batches. 

13. Have Walkie-Talkie always, more so at nights. 

14. Spare the foe and die; deal with the foe and live. 

15. Mind your movements, be conscious of your environment. 

16. Don’t just eat or drink what you buy from them. You May
sleep off after and wake up in Heaven or hell. 

17. Follow one guide, one leader. More is confusing. 

18. Be at peace with yourself to be ready for battle. 

19. Don’t talk too much, just plan.

20. Stop further campaign. 

21. Let us go home and defend our homeland. 

The Battle is real and imminent. They are after you, your land, your resources."

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