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How to firm and tighten loose vaginal.  Herbs can use to reverse the loss of vagina elasticity from childbirth, hormonal changes, and aging.
     One of the most serious intimate problems women complain of today is the loosening of the vaginal walls. The sensation women perceive as being a *loose vagina* is responsible for a loss of sexual satisfaction, as well as embarrassing symptoms, such as urinary incontinence. But no woman should have to live with these symptoms, and there are many things on the market that are available to help you overcome the condition.

*Causes Of Loosening Virginal walls*

     The problem that causes the sensation of  *loose vagina* is actually caused by the weakening of your pelvic floor muscles. Your pelvic floor muscles are a thick muscular sling that supports your vagina, uterus, bowel and bladder. Your pelvic floor is essential to stabilize your spine, help you give birth, and to assist sexual arousal. Over time, the pelvic floor can become stretched or weakened.

It is commonly thought that only women who had previously given birth can have a weakened pelvic floor, due to the strain of childbirth. More So, that is a misconception. While the risk of weakened pelvic floor muscles does increase with each pregnancy, there are many possible causes for a weakened pelvic floor even if you never has a baby.

*Some of the reasons are;*
1.  Obesity.
2.  Frequent lifting of heavy items.
3.  Regular high-impact exercise, such as running on hard surfaces or skipping.
4.  Previous gynecological surgery.
5.  Previous pelvic trauma.
6.  Chronic back pain.
7.  Menopause.
8.  Frequent coughing or sneezing.
9.  Frequent constipation, leading to straining.

     The big lesson to learn is that there is no typical woman with a weak pelvic floor. Women can be twenty-five, have never had a child, and still be having an unsatisfying sex-life due to weak pelvic muscles.
Can too much sex weakens the pelvic floor? No. The common myth is that women who have a lot of sex have weak pelvic floor muscles and women who have little sex have strong pelvic floor muscles. But that is not true. If your pelvic floor is tight, it will snap right back into place after sexual intercourse. It is no other things than, due to the other causes  mentioned above, even nuns can suffer from a weak pelvic floor.

*How To Tighten Those Loose Vaginal Herbs.*

*Curcuma Comosa*
Curcuma comosa is a flowering plant in the ginger family, native to much of Asia, including Thailand and Malaysia. Taking a 400mg capsule of Curcuma Comosa daily is beneficial for tightening vaginal walls and treating vaginal prolapse. It contains phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogen mimics is natural oestrogen in the body, helping to thicken vaginal walls that have been weakened with age.

It has been found to be successful for some more mature women. The
potential side effects are Vulva itching and redness, as well as generalized itching, have been reported in some women.
It is worth trying for post-menopausal women, but be aware of skin reactions.

*Aloe Vera*
Aloe Vera is a plant commonly found in the Caribbean. It yields a gelatinous substance that is thought to have curative properties. It works by lubricating the vaginal walls, and by strengthening the muscles to prevent prolapse.

There is no actual evidence that it works, though anecdotal evidence from some users is positive.

Potential Side Effects: If you use a 100% aloe vera salve, it is generally safe, although it may increase the risk of bleeding and lower blood sugar. It's worth trying

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