Wednesday, August 22, 2018


     This means taking a rest when you are exhausted will make you stronger, sharper and recharge your energy emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. In Other Words,  failure to rest means you will be  *exhausted*
It means *completely used up*.  It doesn't mean how busy you are and how many obligations you have. Choosing to disengage from The Hustle or slow down doesn’t make you a quitter or weak or a loser. It means you are caring for your body, mind, and spirit.
So if you need permission to slow down, take a nap, disengage, say NO, do some self-care, etc.
If you are exhausted, *rest*.  It sort of goes without saying, but when you’re tired, slow down and rest.
Sleep deprivation and exhaustion can make you as sharp as someone who is legally drunk – that means; useless.
You can't think clearly. Forget being able to solve problems.
Why is rest so powerful?
*To quote Tony Schwartz,* “You’re not a machine.”
You are a human being.  So much of your biology is built on cycles and rhythms, ups and downs, ebbs and flows.
it's making us sick, sucking our energy dry, tossing us aside like withered husks.
We feel hollow, empty, and ironically unable to get things done despite working more hours and doing more things.
Frequent rest, including adequate sleep, is critical to keeping you sharp and enabling you to harness your ability to solve problems.
*Sleep Is Needed to Prevent Major Clinical Depression*.  When people sleep enough, their mood quickly improves. And getting enough sleep should also go a long way toward preventing major clinical depression, an illness whose rates have been doubling and tripling among Americans over the last thirty years.
     *Take Your Break Frequently.*
Seriously, this depends on your work situation, but try to take more frequent breaks. Even if you can get away from your desk for 5 minutes for every 90 to 120 minutes of work, it counts.
Take some deep breaths, have a snack, get outside in the sunshine, go for a walk…all ideas of how to recharge.  Sitting reading email or scrolling social media is generally not a way to renew your energy, all these are not *rest*
At best, it has no effect on your drained battery. At worst, it drains your energy even further.

     *Sleep Is Required for Memory and Learning*. 

The better you sleep, the more you learn. The deeper the sleep the better our learning. But research at Harvard has shown that short periods of daytime sleep - even as short as a six-minute nap - can improve memory.

     *Sleep Is Required to Grow New Brain Cells*
This has only been discovered in the past few years, overthrowing years of scientific dogma.
*Sleep Is Needed to Avoid Colds and Fight Off Infection*
Rest is more than restoration. Rest is on the front lines of your infection defense system. It keeps your immune system going. Rest prevents infection. Rest well, stay well.

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