Monday, August 20, 2018


The basic details of your urine colour, smell, and how often you urinate can give you a hint about what is going on inside your body.
     A bunch of things in your body, like medications, foods, and illnesses, can affect how your urine turns out.
     It may have a variety of colours, it usually ranges from deep amber or honey colour to light straw colour with golden variations in between.
      The colour of urine can tell you a lot about your body.
If everything is normal and healthy, the color should be a pale yellow to gold.

*Here is a list of the urine colours;*

1.  *Transparent or no colour:*
You have been drinking a lot of water and might need to cut down on it.

2.  *Pale yellow:*
You are normal, healthy and well hydrated.

3.  *Transparent Yellow:*
You are normal.

4.  *Dark Yellow:*
You are normal but might need to drink some water soon.

5.  *Brownish yellow:*
Sign of dehydration or a possible sign of liver disease. 

6.  *Pinkish red:*
If you haven't eaten foods like carrots, blackberries or beetroots then this could be a possible sign of Kidney disease or, Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) or a tumor.

7.  *Blue or Green:*
These are probably due to dyes in your food or meds you have taken. Possible sign of rare genetic disease if the color does not go away after a short time.

8.   *Foamy:*
foamy and frothy may be a sign you have protein in your urine, which may mean you have a kidney disease.
     No matter what colour it is, you should see your doctor if it consistently looks foamy and frothy.

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