Wednesday, November 8, 2023


Yesterday as Governor Alex Chioma Otti, I had the privilege of inaugurating 24 new Permanent Secretaries who will serve as the driving force for efficient service delivery in the envisioned New Abia. These individuals underwent a meticulous and transparent selection process personally overseen by me, ensuring that only the most exceptional candidates were chosen. I extended congratulations on their well-deserved appointments and emphasized the importance of maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and accountability in their new capacities.

The appointed Permanent Secretaries embody the diversity and inclusivity we value in the New Abia. We've achieved a significant number of female appointees and one from Edo State, highlighting our focus on merit over regional or religious backgrounds. Our objective is to build a civil service centered on reform, meritocracy, and free from political affiliations.

I charged the newly appointed Permanent Secretaries to be innovative, proactive, and responsive to the needs and ambitions of the people of Abia. They are the crucial link between government policies and their execution, necessitating seamless collaboration with commissioners, agency heads, and directors within their respective offices. I stressed the importance of continual learning and adaptation in our pursuit of enhanced service delivery and better outcomes. I assured them of my unwavering support and guidance as they undertake this noble task of serving our beloved state.

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