Wednesday, September 20, 2023


Outrage erupts as LUTH Doctor passes away following exhausting 72-hour shift

Social media users, 'Tweeps,' have expressed their shock and sadness over the death of Dr. Umoh Michael, a young doctor who reportedly died on Sunday after working continuously for 72 hours.

Reports indicate that Michael passed away during a church service at the United Evangelical Church on September 17. He had reportedly endured a grueling 72-hour shift at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, where he served as a resident doctor.

The Association of Resident Doctors, LUTH chapter, in a letter addressed to LUTH's Chief Medical Director, Prof. Wasiu Lanre Adeyemo, asserted that the young doctor had been overworked. According to them, Michael returned home around 3:00 a.m. on Sunday after his extended hospital shift, and he had barely slept in their shared apartment.

In their statement, they said, "We, the house officers, are mourning the loss of our colleague, Dr. Umoh Michael, who tragically passed away on September 17, 2023, after a 72-hour call in the Neurosurgery Unit."

Responding to the incident, LUTH's Public Relations Officer, Omolola Fakeye, stated, "It is not true that anybody worked for 72 hours. I have not been briefed about his death. We were at a program yesterday (Monday), but I will find out; I can’t say anything now. I will check the medical report of what could have happened because anybody can say anything, but the medical report will show us what happened."

Tweeps have since taken to social media to voice their concerns about the alleged mistreatment of doctors.

One tweep, drfynrekins, tweeted, "I salute my Hippocratic colleague and bid him farewell on his journey to the great beyond. I hope #nmanigeria would come out strongly and protect these young doctors. These deaths are devastating and unacceptable, and it would further deplete the numbers of those practicing in Nigeria and discourage those still in medical school. Unfortunately, the young doctors are the ones bearing the brunt of the decay in the healthcare system in Nigeria, but this trend must be stopped."

Another user, Doingood, tweeted, "We all need to be resting. Employers should please help us. May his Soul Rest in Peace."

OgechukwuChime tweeted, "He was taking care of others and forgot to take care of himself."

Kuwait_magic also tweeted, "He lost his own life in the process of saving other people's lives. God knows I can’t be this good. I can't sacrifice my life for others."

Camax3000 wrote, "Overworked, Rest in Peace."

Mazi_Ibem tweeted, "Lagos State Government should recruit more doctors from the already saturated labor market to provide assistance. The daily pressure these doctors endure affects their health as well."

JoelUdanyi also commented, "This is sad. It's the result of a health institution being understaffed…if not, what else?"

"In a sane environment, it is a crime to work more than 11:30. You are entitled to a 1-hour break as well," Kasalimi2029 tweeted."

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