Friday, August 11, 2023


Simon Ekpa, using a Twitter handle, expressed that the Ohaneze group reacted predictably to the Tinubu Ministerial list. He stated Biafrans' disinterest in Nigeria, highlighting their separate government and ministers. The plan involves disbanding Nigerian appointees and politicians in Biafra and initiating a phase of action. 

Civil servants in Biafra under Nigeria are urged to prepare for an indefinite sit-at-home strike until their unpaid salaries are addressed. Simon Ekpa emphasized sealing Nigeria's government offices and representatives in Biafra, including private schools, as part of an escalated economic pressure strategy. The intention is to make them uncomfortable until a change occurs. 

He mentioned that his tweet led to the dissolution of a criminal meeting in Enugu, with the criminals discussing the expansion of their "Ebubeagu" operation. Simon Ekpa concluded by asserting their determination to confront those inciting violence against Biafrans, beginning at the local level and ultimately reaching their locations in Abuja or Lagos.

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