Friday, July 28, 2023


UK-Based Nigerian Doctor Loses Custody of Son for Using Belt in Disciplinary Incident

A Nigerian doctor residing in the United Kingdom has been deprived of custody of his 16-year-old son after resorting to corporal punishment with a belt.

This information came to light through an Instagram post by a child rights advocate known as pepstalk1 on Wednesday.

According to her account, the Nigerian doctor disciplined his son by flogging him with a belt after catching him and his friends watching an inappropriate video when they were supposed to be studying together.

The situation escalated when the son's friends reported the incident to the police, recounting how the father had repeatedly emphasized during the punishment, "Is this how you want to become a doctor?"

The child rights advocate shared a video on her Instagram page where she spoke before the court during the hearing of the case.

She revealed, "In court, the 16-year-old bravely testified that his father had a history of using corporal punishment and was pressuring him to pursue a career he had no interest in."

After carefully considering the boy's testimony, the court ruled in favor of the son's well-being and decided to place him under the custody of the UK government, effectively taking him away from his father.

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