Sunday, June 11, 2023


According to sources, the agreement to appoint Akpabio as President of the Senate was finalized one day prior to the presidential primary of the APC. 

It is said that Asiwaju, in a meeting with Akpabio, requested him to step down in his favour. As a gesture to the audience and other contenders, Asiwaju proposed that Akpabio be the first aspirant invited to speak on the podium. Assuring him of support, Asiwaju pledged to help Akpabio secure the position of Senate President. This marked the completion of their agreement, as revealed by a source.

On the day of the primary, Ahmad Lawan approached Akpabio seeking his endorsement. Lawan informed the former minister that he had received the party's and the "northern caucus's" endorsement as the candidate. 

However, Akpabio had already committed himself to Tinubu and therefore declined to support Lawan's aspirations. Due to a past incident where Akpabio allegedly disregarded Lawan, the latter held a grudge against him. 

Consequently, Lawan accused Akpabio of tarnishing the Senate's reputation during his tenure as the Minister in charge of the Niger Delta Ministry.

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