Thursday, June 15, 2023


The office of the Chairman of Ariaria International Market was discovered to contain a significant number of Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs), totaling in the thousands. Ikechukwu Emetu, the Deputy Governor of Abia State, disclosed this information. The finding came to light during a raid conducted to combat the collection of unlawful fees in and around the renowned market.

During a media training event for the 10th edition of the Vision Africa Radio Station held in Umuahia, the Deputy Governor provided further details. He revealed that the administration, in collaboration with the police, has apprehended over 20 individuals involved in the ongoing oppression of transporters and traders in the state. These individuals were responsible for collecting unjustified levies and taxes.

Emetu stated, "We are taking these individuals off the streets and making arrests, just like the Chairman of Ariaria. He was apprehended because we discovered thousands of PVCs in his office. We had no choice but to take action."

"Furthermore, those who were involved in extorting the market women were also apprehended since they were consistently collecting fees and tolls."

The Abia Deputy Governor expressed his lack of remorse for being labeled "King Harold" if he is carrying out the right actions. He emphasized that the crackdown aligns with the state Governor, Alex Otti's, commitment to providing residents with relief from decades of illicit activities in the state.

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