Friday, June 30, 2023


In Edo State, a tragic incident unfolded when a Nigerian police officer deliberately ran over a citizen with a car. 

Witnesses reported that the officers, hailing from the Ekpoma division, approached the individual to inspect his phone, a request he rightfully refused as it violated his rights. 

In response, the officers confiscated his phone, placed him in handcuffs, and began escorting him to their station.

Concerned passersby intervened, urging the officers to release the detained individual. However, the officers callously attempted to flee the scene without uncuffing him. Amidst the ensuing commotion, the citizen lay on the ground, and in a shocking turn of events, one of the police officers ran over him with their vehicle.

Following this horrifying act, the officers swiftly abandoned the car and fled from the scene, leaving the injured citizen behind. 

Watch how he knocked down this young man, and later crushed him. He is currently at Irrua Specialist hospital in Edo state, battling with his life

Watch the video below:

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