Friday, June 16, 2023


LP Presents Additional Witnesses, Concludes Today's Proceedings on a Positive Note.

The opposition Labour Party's presidential candidate in Nigeria, Peter Obi, concluded today's proceedings at the Presidential Election Tribunal with a strong presentation of evidence indicating his victory in the Rivers and Benue elections.

During today's session, Peter Obi called upon a subpoenaed witness, Eric Uwadiegwu, a university lecturer, who presented a substantial amount of evidence. This included 18,088 blurred polling unit results that were not officially announced by INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission). Additionally, a data analysis of the presidential election was presented, containing IREV results, score analysis, and results specifically from Rivers state and Benue state.

When questioned about the certification of the blurred results that were not announced by INEC, the witness stated that he personally certified the results in accordance with the evidence act.

Furthermore, Peter Obi presented another subpoenaed witness, Arise Television, who provided a recorded video interview of the INEC chairman discussing the need to implement technology in the upcoming 2023 election. The video interview supported the claim that results transmitted through IREV and those from polling units would be highly accurate, with a reported accuracy rate of 99.9%.

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