Monday, June 5, 2023


 chieftain from Plateau State, Samuel Kwamkur, issued a cautionary message to Nasir El-Rufai, the former Governor of Kaduna State, urging him not to ignite unrest in Nigeria through his statements.

Kwamkur, a former National Director of the Christian Association of Nigeria, made these remarks during a press conference in Jos. He was responding to alleged statements made by El-Rufai before handing over to his successor, where the former governor purportedly claimed that the Islamic dominance achieved in Kaduna would continue throughout Nigeria. 

According to Kwamkur, El-Rufai also deceived Christians during the election campaigns regarding the Muslim/Muslim ticket, assuring them that it was not for religious dominance, while, in reality, it aimed to establish Islamic dominance both nationally and at the state level. 

In a viral video, El-Rufai reportedly expressed his intention to sustain an Islamic-dominated government for 20 years, not only in Kaduna but also in the entire country. Kwamkur expressed disappointment at El-Rufai's remarks, suggesting that his divisive classification of citizens as "them" versus "us" indicated his involvement in the violence, destruction of Christian worship places, and killings in Kaduna. 

Kwamkur found it surprising that El-Rufai, who was once considered for high-ranking positions in the federal government, had transformed into a "confirmed religious bigot" with a hidden agenda to exploit religion in order to harm the country. He advised El-Rufai against using his words to mislead Nigerians into believing that President Bola Tinubu's electoral victory was solely intended to Islamize Nigeria. 

Kwamkur shared his own experience of countering claims that Tinubu's Muslim/Muslim ticket was part of an Islamization agenda, based on his belief in Tinubu's character and past actions. 

However, El-Rufai's statements, as a close associate of Tinubu, along with Shettima's active participation in the campaign, raised concerns about a hidden agenda that needed to be considered seriously.

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