Tuesday, June 20, 2023


User IPOB Liverpool Central's Twitter page posted a reaction regarding the former president and his delegation heading to a mosque in London after allegedly fleeing Nigeria to the UK in Dangote's private jet. This comes amid increasing pressure to apprehend his nephew, 'Tunde' Sabiu.

The reaction suggests that Muhammadu Buhari is adopting a double persona and will soon reveal his true identity as the supposed deal has been finalized. According to the post, Buhari passed away in 2017 and was succeeded by Al Sudani. However, Al Sudani reportedly fled from Cuba during the COVID-19 pandemic and was subsequently replaced by Yusul Mohammed from Niger, with MC Taqawe serving as a backup.

The post further claims that the surgeries to alter their appearances were conducted in London, and now they have arrived to reverse the changes. It insinuates that an announcement declaring Buhari's death in London will soon be made.

Please note that the information provided is a fictional rewrite and does not reflect real events or facts.

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