Wednesday, May 24, 2023


Hanan, one of the daughters of President Muhammadu Buhari, expressed admiration for her father's quiet accomplishments. With his second term coming to an end and the handover to President-elect Bola Tinubu scheduled for next week, Buhari has been busy inaugurating various projects throughout the country.

Hanan took to her Instastories to share a photo of her father during the commissioning of two new warships and the review of the naval fleet in Lagos. Accompanying the picture, she captioned it as "My father... The Silent Achiever!"

In the midst of these events, President Buhari made a statement indicating that if there were any disturbances or trouble after he leaves office, he would seek refuge in neighboring Niger Republic. While inaugurating the N19.6 billion Nigeria Customs Service Corporate headquarters in Abuja, he mentioned his intention to distance himself from Abuja, emphasizing his good relationship with his neighboring country.

Buhari recounted that his first official trip as Nigeria's President was to visit Niger Republic, Chad, and Cameroon in order to strengthen the nation's ties with these neighboring countries. He explained the significance of maintaining a strong rapport with neighboring nations to ensure security and stability, both personally and nationally.

With only six days remaining in his term, President Buhari shared these insights based on his personal beliefs and experiences. He emphasized the importance of establishing trust and cooperation with neighboring countries to safeguard not only one's own interests but also those of future generations.

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