Thursday, March 30, 2023


The Governor of Anambra State, Chukwuma Charles Soludo has inaugurated the board of the Anambra Internal Revenue Service (AIRS) to increase the state's internally generated revenue.      

“Earlier today, I inaugurated the Board of the Anambra Internal Revenue Service (AIRS) with clear terms of reference and a task to increase the state's internally generated revenue. 

The Internal Revenue Service is the life-blood of all government operations, if it doesn't work, nothing works.

The results of IGR are not even close to 50% of what we anticipated to achieve. We expected to have the revenue body double its initial revenue within its first four months, which did not happen.

The Anambra state government should be making more than 3 billion naira per month, which is yet to happen, and the 2023 budget is expected to generate 4 billion naira per month, currently the State government is running a deficit on IGR. FAAC allocations are unpredictable, but we have an economy with an estimated value of up to 5 trillion naira.

It is critical to highlight the enormous potentials that exist, as well as the appropriate benchmarks and targets.

If we have a 5 trillion naira estimate and collect 1%, that is 60 billion naira per year. If we collect 2%, that's 120 billion naira per year, or a minimum of ten billion naira per month on average. If we receive 5% of income, we will have 300 billion naira per year.

As of Monday, we were dangling around 1 billion naira per month, which is extremely low. You can see how far we are doing in relation to the potentials that exist. The internal revenue service requires a 180 percent turnaround. The current path we are taking will not get us very far because we have been trying it for a year.

Members of this board must get to work right away because there is a lot of work ahead of them. We will interface and evaluate performance every three months. It will have a high mortality rate and a three-month life span. If this board fails, we will disband it and create a new one.

Mr. Richard Madiebo is the Board Chairman. Executive Directors of the Board include Dr. Greg Ugochukwu Ezeilo (Anambra South), Dr. Christian Madubuko (Anambra North), Mr. Benjamin Anierobi Okafor (Anambra Central).

Others include the Commissioner for Budget and Economic Planning, Mrs Chiamaka Nnake, Commissioner for Finance, Mr. Ifeatu Onejeme, Commissioner for Lands, Prof. Ofornze Amucheazi, Commissioner for Transport, Mrs. Pat Igwebuike.

More members of the Board include; Mr. Don Adizuo, Secretary/Head of Legal Dept., Mr. Chika Oformma, Head of Assessment and Mrs. Juliet Nwakpudolu, Head of High Net Individual Assessment Dept.” 

 *May Anambra continue to win!*

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