Monday, February 6, 2023


The operations manager of a commercial bank was detained by the EFCC in Abuja for hoarding new naira notes. 

Today, February 6, 2023, agents of the Economic and Financial Commission, EFCC, detained an operations manager of a top commercial bank in Abuja Central Area for refusing to load the bank's Automated Teller Machines, or ATMs, despite the fact that the branch's vaults contained N29 million in the newly designed Naira notes. 

Before he was taken away for further questioning, the operatives ordered that all the ATMs be loaded and that the required amount be paid across the counter, much to the relief of the upset customers who had waited in line for hours without receiving the new notes. 

The EFCC made this discovery, which points to sabotage of the government's monetary policy by some banks, as part of ongoing surveillance and visits to banks across the nation to access their vaults and determine whether they were purposefully refusing to dispense the redesigned Naira notes. The operatives in Abuja today covered more than five bank branches. In Zonal Commands all over the country, similar drills were in progress. 

Up until the banking system returns to normal, the operation will go on. 

Nigerians who are having trouble accessing their money at any bank and suspect wrongdoing should get in touch with the commission right away. 

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