Thursday, January 19, 2023


In response to the brutal murder of a Catholic cleric, Isaac Achi, by bandits in Niger State, angry Indigenes in Niger torch a police station. 

As early as 7am on Tuesday, members of the Catholic women's and Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) organizations gathered on the grounds of the burned-out parish to pray for those responsible for the brutal murder of Rev. Achi. 

However, a police detachment from the Kafin-koro Police Division was sent to the church under the pretense of being sent to protect the praying congregation.

The women rejected and resisted the police's protection, still angry that they did not act quickly enough to save the Father and prevent his death. 

The women reportedly asked the operatives to leave after accusing the police of doing nothing to assist the deceased Reverend Father. 

The women allegedly demanded that the police leave after accusing them of doing nothing to assist the deceased Reverend Father. 

The officers had to retreat to their station after being attacked by the women who threw stones and sachet water to prove their point. 

Following the prayers, some young people joined the women in a peaceful procession through the main streets of the town to the Police Division, chanting anti-police chants to express their displeasure. 

They demanded that the police leave, claiming that their presence offered no benefit to the community's security. 

When police started shooting into the air to disperse the crowd, one bullet hit a middle-aged man who died instantly, turning the protest into a violent exercise. 

Some unidentified protesters set fire to the police division during the demonstration, which resulted in the destruction of the entire structure.

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