Friday, December 16, 2022



Gummi Ahmed said that your PVC is more important than passport or international certificate

I have mine Please go get yours.

Without exaggeration, it is the most important document one can currently possess, more important than an international passport or even certificates. It is the card that lets you choose your leader and you need not be lectured on the importance of leadership which cannot be overemphasized.

Insecurity, poor infrastructure, poor health services, a declining economy, civil war and disunity depend directly on leadership. There are nations more diverse in all aspects of human dimensions than Nigeria, India for example, which have developed and have relative stability and security that Nigerians today can only dream of.

Our diversity is not the problem. They are our parish leaders, or; regional, sectoral, religious or sectarian who reinforce our differences for the direct benefit of themselves, as well as their families and cronies.

Your card of choice is your God-given weapon to fight the enemies of progress.

In a democracy, it's your numbers that matter; so your electoral card is the scarecrow humiliating politicians into giving in to your demands. Your voter card is your vanguard. They should not be intimidated into submission by regional, sectarian, religious or sectarian fanatics. Choose your choice without coercion, fear or blackmail.

Your voting numbers will therefore receive your VOTER CARD because it is the only way to gain power or in other words, "take power and run with it".

You cannot find a perfect candidate or a perfect party. See your prevailing interest and cast your vote. Don't waste your precious voice except where it matters. It only matters where there are numbers and higher probability. Above all, don't be bribed, coerced or blackmailed and be proud of your choice.

May Allah help us through the elections peacefully. Amen. 

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