Thursday, December 29, 2022



A Businessman returning from Zaria to celebrate Christmas at Umuchu is kidnapped by unidentified gunmen. 

Ogbuehi Pius Egwuekwe, the managing director of People's Bookshop, was abducted by unidentified gunmen in front of his opulent home, which sparked severe tension in Umuchu town in the Aguata Local Government area of Anambra State over the past three days. 

Ogbuehi Pius Egwuekwe is a prosperous businessman who has improved the lives of numerous members of the community by taking care of their physical and material needs. It makes sense that since the incident, there has been palpable tension in the neighborhood despite the fact that there have been no signs of their whereabouts.

In front of his home on Friday, Ogbuehi Egwuekwe was abducted by the bandits, who then took him somewhere else likely to demand a ransom. 

He reportedly traveled with his driver to his village in Ibughubu Umuchu from Zaria in the northern part of the country to spend this year's Christmas with his family. 

His driver had traveled from the North for several hours, but when he arrived at his house and tried to open the gate, some armed men confronted him and threatened him with guns. They allegedly opened the car after the driver stopped and forcibly removed Egwuekwe to an unidentified location. 

The police were notified of the situation, and they reportedly took action, but as of the time this report was filed, neither the victim nor any suspects had been apprehended, so their efforts had not yet produced any results. 

Due to the lengthy trip from Zaria before the tragic incident, the victim, Ogbuehi Egwuekwe, was said to have arrived home late in the evening. 

A lot of people feared that they were no longer safe in the community as a result of the alleged kidnapping because of how easily the plot was carried out without drawing the attention of the vigilante group that had been established. 

Some villagers believed that a leak of information regarding the victim's return to the village with his driver may have come from an inside source.

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