Wednesday, September 14, 2022


After her partner reportedly exploited her money to marry another woman, a Nigerian woman  committed suicide. 

Olaitan Adonis took her own life after her boyfriend, Ola Saheed, allegedly used her money to bankroll his marriage to another lady. 

Olaitan, who was in a committed relationship with the young man and was putting money away in his bank account, had a son who was seven years old. On the other hand, he spent the cash on a weekend wedding. 

Olaitan was reported to have ingested a poisonous substance to put an end to everything after hearing of her lover's betrayal. Olaitan was devastated by this information. 

a friend of hers stated: “I heard they were together last Thursday, September 8, they even spent the night together, but on Friday, a friend of hers told her the guy is getting married on Sunday, September 11. She was said to have consumed a poisonous substance and died the following day, Saturday, September 10.”

The deceased's employer, who also discussed the awful event, said:

“My salesgirl has been giving him money from my shop for upkeep, but he squandered the whole money. She even sent him N10k on Friday. After she ended it all, we called him and he said it’s none of his business.”

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