Saturday, June 4, 2022



A Nigerian Crypto Investor, Gaius Chibueze popularly known as Bitcoin Chief has supported Labour Party (LP) Presidential aspirant, Peter Obi's campaign and mobilization with a token of ₦10 million and urged Nigerians who share the his faith to make commitment and also get your PVC.

“To show my support and demonstrate my conviction that Nigeria needs a leader at this point, that is tested and trusted, free from the high level of corruption in our society and that won’t waste or scarce resources,  I am making a small donation of 10 million Naira to the Peter Obi Campaign.

“We are in another election circle. Another season to decide the fortune of our country for the next 8 years. We’ve all complained about the failure of the Nigerian government to deliver good governance to its people, we need to go beyond complaining to taking action in the direction of our hopes. 

“So I am calling on all Nigerians home and abroad to donate to the peter obi campaign because it has become obvious that 2023 election will be very pivotal to the unity, and hope of this country we all call home. After this circle our next opportunity will be in 2031. Imagine your life in 2031 with a repeat of the present system. I am sure you don’t like how that looks. 

“I believe that the next election is between NIGERIANS represented by PETER OBI and the other 2 major parties.

“Electioneering and campaigning  is heavily capital intensive. It is even worse when the candidate is not on any of the major platforms. To take the message to every street, every community, and every ward will cost money. The campaign team will have to fund mobilization, transportation, food and other Logistical concerns. I believe this is the moment we all have to come together and throw not just our words but also our resources into the process. 

“I am donating 10 Million to the PETER OBI CAMPAIGN. I am looking forward to engaging his  campaign organization and redeeming my pledge through any channel they’ll make available. Also, I am open to redeeming the pledge in Naira, Bitcoin or TATCOIN or whatever currency the organization will prefer.

“In my years of building global solutions I’ve traveled across 26 countries of the world and lived in all the major cities of the world. Each time I enter into a new country, I weep for how badly governed Nigeria have become over the years, I believe we can get it right this time, and I believe that Peter Obi has all it takes to lay the foundation for a New Nigeria. If you share my faith, please make the commitment.

If you are in Nigeria and reading this now please go get your PVC,” he said.

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