Tuesday, February 1, 2022


Sample opinions and reaction to Atiku's new choice for Wike, it was gathered that Alhaji Atiku may not win the forth coming election again.

Many people were of the opinion that this choice will bring huge failure to PDP if they finally pick Wike as VP.

The reason was that, the Ikoku and Oyibo incident is still very fresh in the mind of the people. It will be a pay back time if PDP adopts him.

The issue of demolition of Mosque at Trans Amadi and Slaughter Market, will affect his support by Northern Muslims, as a result, the North will not vote for him.

It was also gathered that Wike does not have good relationship with the west. The west hate him for his thuggery nature and as one who will not be trusted with the seat of VP.

Atiku and Wike will be a simple walk over by APC come 2023 election

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