Tuesday, February 1, 2022


Alhaji Atiku has dumped his former running mate Peter OBI for Wike. Source said the decision was necessitated  by Obi's low financial contribution during 2019 Presidential campaign as well as his inability to win his State, Anambra and South East as a whole.

It was gathered that, prior to 2019 elections, OBI did not have a strong political structure outside the South East. He was just loved because of his vast knowledge of the economy, but winning an election requires far more than that in Nigeria.

“To successfully run an election in this country you need money, connection, strong and vast political structure, etc, and these you find in abundance in Nyesom Wike. He is a good material any day and that’s not the kind of man you leave behind, especially if you want to win election in Nigeria,” according to a source close to the Atiku campaign team.

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