Monday, January 3, 2022


Shocking revelation by a Nigerian twin lady that is in love with her own twin  brother.

Their viral video has been making wave for a while in the social media as twin couple in relationship for almost 20 years. 

The twin lady in question recently has decided to break the silence. She narrated the cause or genesis of romantic intimacy with her Twin brother. She claimed that she is now fully in love with her Twin brother  and cannot date another man. 

In her words, she said,

"When we were small, they do keep us in the same room. They lock us in the room when we are back from school. So from there, we started falling in love with each other.

Then we started kissing and doing alot of stuffs whenever we are both in the room. We were living like a couple.

I am now addicted to him. I can’t imagine myself dating another man because I am madly in love with my twin brother. We act like couples but we are not. I am falling for him and I'll marry him".

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