Sunday, January 23, 2022


Reno Omokri commented on asọ ebi. Aso ebi is spreading like a wild fire in Nigeria today. What is aso ebi, you may want to ask? Aso ebi, is wearing of a specific unique uniform for an occasion by designated group of people. Normally family members, friends or group. 

Aso ebi makes an occasion to look very colourful as a result of it, it is becoming a culture now that couples who are about to wed will choose a particular cloth to grace their occasion ill-respective of whether you can afford to buy the cloth or not.

Now, Reno Omokri has this to say about this condition.

“If couples invite you for their wedding and insist you must buy expensive wedding garments (aso ebi), the wise thing to do is not to attend. But if you’re foolish enough to pay, at least make them sign an undertaking that if they divorce, they must refund your cash”.

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