Sunday, January 9, 2022


In his thought, he said that SE voted for Shagari and Yar'udar who were fulani and Muslim just like him, but why didn't they vote for him?

He mentioned great politicians who were not voted for in the South East, people like Ojukwu, Atiku and Chief False

These are his words -

"I don't believe that the SE do not like me. I didn't win there, just like Ojukwu didn't win there too. Atiku lost there too. Chief Falae lost there too. I think Chief Abiola lost there too because the region was majorly rooting for the NRC. But General Obasanjo won there, President Yar'adua won there, President Jonathan won there. It is about the PDP which majority of the SE Leaders belong to. When General Obasanjo supported for me in 2015, why did I still lose in the region? If Jonathan campaigned for me in 2015, SE will still vote for the PDP. It is about the PDP. What did I do against the SE? I am Fulani and Muslim, so was Yar'adua and Shagari.....In 2019, we have more SE PDP Leaders that have joined our party, some of them could not stand us in 2015 but they have come closer and we are good friends today. The infrastructures we are building across the country is not for politics but for development. Some people talk about marginalisation but was that the reason why they didn't vote for the APC in 2015??? No. We don't hate ourselves in Nigeria, it is our politics that made it look like that...."

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