Tuesday, November 23, 2021



Oh God, this pastor did not  hide his hunger and brainwashing tactics. Jesus didn't give tithe as a crateria to make Heaven. 

Jesus did not preach it in years of his ministration or did he forgot it? He did not preached it because he came for the salvation of souls and tithe wasn't part of the plan. It is not by force. So all Catholic saints that made heaven without  tithe is still indebted to God?  This is complete nonsensical nonsense. Bullshit.

Tithe is suppose to be personal covenant between man and God. If you want to get rich without caterpillar and canker worms in your way, pay tithe, period. It is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

With tithe you can  have a say before God as regard to your business mishap based on His promises for tithes in Malachi.

It is never a means to make heaven my brothers and sisters. You cannot bribe God with tithe and make Heaven if you live a sinful life. 

 It is for open doors only, Malachi 3:6.

 It is only compulsory for clergymen, not to members of the church or Congregation.

The book of Malachi was written exclusively for clergymen, Malachi 1: 6 - 14

Bring your tithe to my store room - is for clegy.... And see if I will not open the windows of my bounty. You will argue this if you have been brainwashed. Read the book of Makachi from chapter 1 to chapter 3 and down to its end.

If you read Malachi chapter 3 from verse 5, you will understand more who He was referring to, in verse 8.. Where He asked, will a mortal man Rob God? Bring your tithe into my storeroom and see if I will not open floodgate of Heaven.

Brethren, if you understand no member of the congregation is allowed into the storeroom accept the priest (Levi), you will understand Malachi 3:8 very well.

Are the congregation, 

the people God was actually referring to in Malachi 3:5 and Malachi 3:8?

Book of Leviticus will open your eyes more

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