Wednesday, October 27, 2021



Reno Omokri has slammed Sheikh Gumi an Islamic prominent clegy over his statement.

Reno Omokri wondered why the government put the likes of Igboho and MNK behind the bars and allow the bandits to wreck havoc on defendless citizens across the country.

Talking about the Islamic clergyman, Gumi, who said over the weekend, that if government declares bandits a terrorist organisation, other jihadist across the world will fight the Nigerian government, Mr Reno wondered why the clegy never speaks on the defence of the victims who suffer in the hands of the bandits, but only comes out, when the govt talks about how to handle the bandits.

The following are Reno Omokri's words on twitter, "Sheikh Gumi never speaks for the victims. But when terrorists bandits are affected, he speaks. How long shall a government that is after Igboho and Kanu continue tolerating the PR work Gumi is doing for terrorists bandits? Gumi is an inspiration to these terrorists,” Omokri wrote.

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