Sunday, May 9, 2021



Following Mbaka's talkwhich stated that President Buhari should resign, a lot has been been happening since then.

From the office of the presidency, Garba Shahu is threatening to report Mbaka to pope for seeking contract from the president. Bishop Calistis Onaga is under attack by people believed to be Mbaka's faithful for suspending Rev Mbaka.

Leader of IPOB who was mentioned by Mbaka during his controversial talk, has called on IPOB family not to join others in condemning Mbaka.

These are his words:

"Allow me to tell our kin something they don' t understand. In an ordinary country as it were, the condemnation of Father Mbaka you may welcome it by one way or another.

"I know sometimes regardless of our shortcomings, we are brutal in the manner in which we think. Biafrans are brutal, unadulterated. We see what is bad and say is bad.

"It doesn' t make any difference who is doing it. That is the reason many individuals descended intensely on Father Mbaka however I'm revealing to you this, yes in Biafra, we can do anything we like to him. Be that as it may, in Nigeria, all things considered, never under any circumstance condemn your own."

Mbaka's disappearance had caused a lot of social unrest in Enugu Catholic province, before he reappeared.

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