Monday, August 3, 2020


The nurse who was behind this hideous act , on Thursday last week was paraded by the Police. The nurse, Mrs Ogundimu Monilola was accused of helping a 44 year old Pastor, Okuwafemi Oyebola of Christ Apostolic Church(CAC), Ogo Oluwa parish, Olokuta, Ogun State, to procure family planning care his 24 year old biological daughter, who he has impregnated for three times through incestuous affairs with her.

Nurse Monilola who claimed to be the Assistant Chief Matron at the State General Hospital, Idiroko, Ogun State, said she is also the health worker in charge of the family planning service at the facility.

She denied carrying out any abortion on Pastor Oyebola’s daughter, but the Police said she had in her statement earlier, admitted performing abortion on the girl who opted to remain anonymous.

She said she was duty on a particular day when the man presented the girl for family planning at the hospital, claiming the girl was his house help while a man who identified himself as James, stood as the husband of the girl for the service.

According to her, she never knew the family planning sought by the girl was targeted at shielding the incestuous lifestyle of her father, Pastor Oyebola.

She also declared that the Family Planning service sought and obtained by the girl at the facility, was official and well documented, explaining that it is legitimate for any female person that is 18 years and above, to seek and obtain Family Planning care from a hospital.
Nurse Monilola was paraded before reporters at the Ogun State Police Command Headquarters, Eleweran, along with Pastor Oyebola by the Commissioner of Police, Kenneth Ebrimson.

Ebrimson said the offence allegedly committed by Oyebola is “incest” and that he had been perpetrating it with his daughter since 2015, leading to three pregnancies, termination of the three and subsequent family planning for the girl to step up the incestuous lifestyle without any risk of further pregnancy until the secret leaked in 2020.

The Pastor who claimed to be the leader of his the Deliverance Team at the Ogo Oluwa Parish of the CAC church, admitted that the incestuous acts with his daughter was a “mistake,” resulting from a “spiritual attack.”
He explained that an “unclean spirit” lured him into the affairs with his daughter and appealed to Nigerians, the government and the Christian community to forgive him.

Forest Reporters gathered that the illicit affairs burst as daughter who had recently finished her National Youth Service, was unwilling to stay any longer with the father in the same house but when he continued to oppose her resolve to leave home for Lagos, the girl ran away and reported her ordeals to a Non-Governmental Organisation – Advocacy For Children And Vulnerable Persons Network.

The NGO eventually led her to the Owode-Egbado Divisional headquarters where she reported that her father has been forcefully having carnal knowledge of her since 2015 when she was 19 years old and shortly after the demise of her mother.

She also told the Police that she got pregnant for her father three times, but her father took her to a nurse where those pregnancies were terminated.

The distraught and pregnancy – weary daughter also told the Police that after the third pregnancy and its termination, the father did family planning for her so as not to get pregnant any longer.

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