Monday, June 29, 2020


A 26 year-old man identified as Chinedu Obi from Umuaka in Imo State was arrested for defiling his boss 10 years twin daughters with ₦200 in Lagos.

The suspect was arrested after his madam  overheard her daughters fighting over how to share the ₦200 Chinedu gave to them after sex which occurred at her restaurant located at Soluowu street in Surulere, Lagos.

Suspect confession:
“They used to come to the shop to stay after school and during this coronavirus period, they were always around. I was so close to the family that the children were free with me and took me as their elder brother. 

One day, they came straight to the shop, and one of the twins, not minding that I was there, removed her school uniform and changed into another one. That was when the devil took over my senses. 

I had not had sex for so long, so I was moved. I waited for an opportunity when she was alone and told her that I would be giving her plenty of money if she would allow me to have sex with her.

I was surprised that she agreed without making noise. We quickly did it in one corner after which I gave her N200. I was shocked when her twin sister came to me and pulled up her dress. 

She said that I should do the same thing because she also wanted her own money. I had no choice but to also have sex with her for fear that she would tell her mother. 

All I did was to always divide the money into two and gave them. We were not caught because while I was having sex with one, the other one was always watching.”

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