Monday, June 29, 2020


The Senator representing Abia South at the Red Chamber, Distinguish Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe reacted over President's media aides who called for his immediate arrest. He said those calling for my arrest should first arrest Fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram and those evil terrorist groups that are all over the North, then he will freely handed himself over to the police.

This incident occurred when Senator Enyinnaya granted a media interview earlier this month, where he affirmed to vote for the sovereignty of Biafra if the need arises. 

After that, President's media aides have taken to the internet to call for the immediate arrest of Senator over that interview, saying that a serving Senator has gone against the rules and regulations of Nigeria by supporting a group proscribed as terrorist group by the President of this country.

He said: "It's quite unfortunate that we found ourselves in a government that has no respect for constituted authorities. It's unfortunate that the Muhammadu Buhari media aides has now taken power from the President to call for immediate arrest of a Distinguish Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. A common media aide and the President will not say anything, after all I'm not surprised because whatsoever happens in this country, he is not aware and how will he be aware that his media aides has taken power from him. I weep for this country.

"Those his media aides are not seeing the evil that are being perpetrated by the Hausa Fulani herdsmen all over Nigerian, killing and raping our women and as a senator representing my people, you want me to keep quiet. Of course that will not happen. 

"As for the IPOB issue that made those unelected media aides to call for my arrest, i have no regret over the interview. Tell me one single person an IPOB member has killed in this country and I will show you the graves of thousands of lives that has been sent to an early grave by Hausa Fulani herdsmen, yet the President doesn't want to say anything. 

"I am an Elder and an Igbo man and I cherish my foundation and will not do anything to hurt my people. Igbos are the most successful tribe in Nigeria because of our hardworking. If other Elders in Igbo land can be bought over as a result of their political ambitions to kill their own children and tagged them terrorists because they want freedom, I Senator Abaribe will not be part of it. 

"The day they proscribed IPOB a terrorist group, when we get to the Senate I was the one who raised a motion against it and stood firmly against it at the Senate Chamber. You don't expect me to be there while you proscribed my own children who can't hurt a fly a terrorist while living yours who kill people everyday at will to walk around freely. 

"If you want to arrest me for telling you the truth, then first of all go after all the Hausa Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria, arrest them all, go after Boko Haram, arrest them because all these evil terrorists groups are all from the North. When this is done, I will freely hand over myself to your police"

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