Friday, November 8, 2019


Reno Omokri has advised celebrities to plan their future now they are opportune because there will be a time when all their brand new cars, first class travels with kids and pets will fade.

They should invest for their future and don't accuse the industry of abandoning them in future.

He has this to say:

"Many of the so called celebrities now posting pictures of their brand new cars and their First Class travels with their children and pets, will be broke in old age. Then emotional Nigerians will rush to social media to accuse the ‘industry’ of abandoning’ them. A nation of emotional people cannot progress like a nation of rational people." 

"A day is coming when their slay queen body will turn to a slay mama body. Roles will stop coming. Album sales will reduce. Younger footballers will be signed by your club. So invest for your future and don’t accuse the industry of abandoning you. If you don’t, it is you who abandoned your senses, and not the industry that abandoned you!"

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