Friday, November 8, 2019


The Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has reviewed when Fulani agenda to turn Indigenous for Nigeria into slavery. He that it started since 215 years ago in 1804 and has almost completed.

He has this to say:

"I have no hate in me for anyone or for any group of people and neither do I believe in violence or seek to incite violence. 

I am a lover of peace and a servant of truth and I am constrained to speak that truth no matter how bitter it is and no matter whose ox is gored. That is the purpose of this short contribution. Consider this: 

The agenda of the Fulani to own Nigeria and turn the indigenous people of our country into slaves is an ancient one. It started 215 years ago in 1804 and it has almost reached completion. 

Those that are screaming about Fulani hegemony and northern domination today are like chickens whose heads have already been cut off.  They are crying over spilt milk. 

They are lamenting long after the horse has already bolted from the stable. They are like the proverbial frog that was dropped in a pot of cold water and that was slowly boiled alive. 

This is not just a matter of Fulani hegemony and  northern domination: we are long past that stage and it is far worse than that. 

It is nothing less than the full manifestation of total and complete Fulani subjugation and the final entrenchment of northern supremacy. As leaders we were cowardly and complacent and now the worse has befallen our people. Today the Fulani and the  core north own Nigeria and virtually everyone in it lock, stock and barrel. 

Whether we choose to accept it or not that is the bitter truth. That is where we are! Worse still 90% of southern and Middle Belt leaders have made a choice to bend the knee and bow to the Fulani north. 

The few that have stood up to them over the last 100 years have either been killed, jailed, frustrated, humiliated or discredited.

In my generation there are only a few men left standing in the fight for emancipation from the northern yoke and they are mostly unknown, unsung and not fully appreciated. 

Amongst them are Nnamdi Kanu, Gani Adams, Asari Dokubo, Yinka Odumakin, Gboyega Adejumo, Tony Nnandi, Adekunle Odunmorayo, Otoks Princewill, Mercy Orobor, Shola Salako, Akin Osuntokun, Demola Folarin, Kole Omololu and a handful of others.

Then you have groups like Afenifere, Ohaeneze, OPC, PANDEM, the Middle Belt Forum, SOKAPU, IPOB, the Avengers, MEND, Ijaw Youth Congress, Yoruba Summit Group, YOLICOM, MASSOB, CAN, Christian Elders Forum and a few others who have also stood firm and who have also been steadfast and unflinching.  

Without the continous efforts, contribution, strength and vision of such individuals and such groups and without their gallant struggle against our collective oppressors we shall all be fully enslaved and be speaking Fufude in the next 10 years. 

Virtually everyone else and every other group has been cowed and intimidated into submission and they all  lament and complain about their pathetic condition of enslavement and servitude in whispered tones and behind closed doors. They dare not speak out loudly and boldly out of fear of the Fulani masters. 

This is the tragedy that has befallen Nigeria: cowardice and capitulation to evil and the forces of darkness is now considered to be a virtue whilst courage and strong resistance to ethnic domination, racism, religious bigotry, injustice and tyranny is regarded as a vice. May God deliver us!"

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