Sunday, September 1, 2019


The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has seen President Muhammadu Buhari refusal to run DNA test as to ascertain who actually the man in Aso Rock as an embarrassment to Nigeria which has attracted the British government attention.

He added that the accusations of Jubril-Buhari has gone viral that it's no longer allegations but something more than that.

"What is happening today in Nigeria is already a catastrophe and a colossal disgrace."

"Very disgusting and indeed a global embarrassment."

"For about three years the president of Nigeria has been alleged as an impostor and accused to be jubril from Sudan instead of Buhari who was elected as president of Nigeria."

"This accusations is no longer an allegations but something more than that."

"It is now very embarrassing and has become a global disgrace, a disgusting disaster."

"Some days ago the members of IPOB went to far away Japan to embarrass the Nigerian president."

"A video went viral and in that video there was a real disgrace and magnanimous embarrassment."

"This is no longer a child's play, it is no longer a Nigerian affair but has become a universal interest."

"It has become a global discussion and something the entire world would want to know the truth."

"Unless there is a propaganda somewhere or maybe the foreign powers are involved in the game especially the British government."

"Nigerians need to know who is in charge of this country if it is Buhari or jubril as the people alleged."

"Nigerians deserves to ascertain what is the truth in this whole thing."

"DNA is the only solution open to everyone and if Buhari and the cabals doesn't have any cocroaches in their cupboard they should make everything open to every Nigerian."

"Many people have said similar things, even Atiku has made a remark about DNA which means there is something that he knows but would not say it because of the agreement they might have had in the past."

"This is the right time for Buhari or whoever he is to come out and prove Nigerians wrong or right."

"DNA is the ultimate test to ascertain the real identity of the president and end all this catastrophic and embarrassing allegations."

"We are all worried and would honestly want to know the truth." 

"If jubril is actually the person in charge of the country then it means the cabals have committed a sacrilege and the highest form of abomination." 

"Buhari should go for a dna test." He stated.

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