Sunday, September 1, 2019


At times, the way and manner some Igbos react negatively to Nnamdi Kanu's speech, makes me to believe that those set of people were those born by the northern soldiers during or around the  Biafran war. 

If you keep on believing that all is well in Nigeria, you are a capital FOOL. 

Many privileges are being denied the Igbos and south south region. 

1. Why is there different JAMB cut off marks in Nigeria and who does it benefit most? 

2. Why is it very hard for south east and south south to secure federal work and appointments easily like their northern counterparts. 

3. Why is it that govt always like to cease Ibeto' s importation license while Dangote is sponsored by the govt to import the same material.

4. Why is it that government turns blind eyes on Fulani herdsmen killing across the country and even worn that full wrath of the government will be on anybody that attacked them, while at same time,  persecute harmless peaceful demonstrators? 

5. Why is it that the Fulanis have right to carry guns while others don't?

6. Why is it that the Fulanis have not been proscribed after they were tagged 5th deadliest terrorist group in the world? 

7. Why is it that Fulanis are not brought to book for many crimes they committed against their fellow Nigerians? 

Is the govt encouraging  or discouraging them to commit more crime in the country.  Which other tribe can do quarter of what these Fulanis have done,  without the government swag
into action? 

All is not well in Nigeria

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